How To Plan Your Data Center Migration To The Cloud

Moving your on-prem IT infrastructure to a cloud solution is one of the most critical business decisions your company will ever make. Still, that first step is a small one for enterprises to consider. You’re approaching a migration process that will comprise the bulk of your transition efforts.

If you’re relatively new to the cloud, you should consider partnering with a cloud solutions provider that specializes in cloud technology with expertise in gathering requirements and working the produce an end-to-end solution. Teams at DMVCE , focus on connecting companies to the right solutions and then create, provision, and sometimes operate an organization’s IT infrastructure through the cloud.

Choose the team that will help you score a cloud solution that will deliver on your business goals and objectives. These specialists will identify cloud migration opportunities and develop a detailed migration plan that includes a business use case, cost analysis and workload prioritization that identifies optimal workloads for migration. They will be critical in both defining the scope of the project and presenting a business case and migration strategy to stakeholders.